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Are you interested in broadening your knowledge about sustainable development?

Then an internship at CEE might be the best choice for you. During the internship, you would be involved in particular tasks such as research project, action project, development of communication media and materials and/or documentation activities of an on-going project.


The Centre for Environment Education (CEE) offers an opportunity for youth to gain knowledge and hands-on experience in sustainable development.
After a successful completion of the internship, certificates are awarded to interns.

Aim of the internship:
(1) Provide an understanding of Sustainable Development concerns, issues and efforts in the global context
(2) give hands-on experience
(3) provide an opportunity to gain communication and other work related skills

Who can join us as an intern?

If you are between 18 and 30 years old, no matter which nationality, you can apply. Internships last from two to twelve months. Interest in learning and the topic is necessary as well as the wish to work with organizations involved in this sector.

Internship Placements: 
You can also be part of the SAYEN internship program with an internship placement which is created in cooperation with your school/ college/ university. 
There will be a MOU in which all the details of your internship will be listed like for example the role and responsibilities of the partner organizations, the financial responsibilities, details on the nature of the internship, legal aspects, etc.

This MOU will govern the internship on the whole.

Online Application form

We accept applications all around the year. 
Please note: Finalizing the internship project and location can take up to one month.