Coast and Marine programme

CEE has had a rich experience of working on Coast & Marine Programs over the years in varying capacities. The newest addition is the Blue Flag Certification.

The Blue Flag is a world-renowned eco-label certification for beaches, marinas and boats. It is operated under the auspices of Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), an international not for profit organization, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. The programme creates opportunities for local communities, businesses and administration to empower themselves to sustainably manage beach spaces, encourage responsible tourism and contribute towards the conservation of natural resources

To know more and to get your beach certified visit ……(Blue flag India webpage)

Other coastal and marine programs at CEE


Thematic Areas


Public awareness on coastal and marine aspects

  1. Science Express Biodiversity Special (SEBS) – coastal coach
  2. Mobile Exhibition (Disaster Risk Reduction) – Tamil Nadu
  3. HAVEERU – Coastal Balamela, Goa Oceans Day, Turtle walk, articles
  4. International Biodiversity Day Celebrations focusing on marine biodiversity
  5. Ocean Passport – World Ocean Network
  6. NEAC – campaigns on marine and coastal themes
  7. Whale Shark Inflatable for mass awareness in events

School Education


  1. GCS Marine (International Global Citizenship and Sustainability Education)
  2. Project 1600 (GCS between Gujarat and Australia coastal schools)
  3. Marine education for schools – Mangrove for Future (MFF) supported project
  4. Marine Turtle Conservation – Goa, Orissa
  5. Goa Environmental Education Programs in Schools (GEEPS)
  6. Environment Education in Gulf of Mannar
  7. Turtle conservation with students in Goa, Orissa, Tamil Nadu
  8. NGC, Paryavaran Mitra – handprint activities for coastal biodiversity, waste management

College Education


  1. Credit course on coastal ecosystem, Bangalore
  2. Facilitation of coastal dissertation projects, Goa
  3. Internship program on CRZ – law student, Chennai

Training & Capacity Building


  1. Curriculum development & teacher training – Maldives island context
  2. Curriculum development, UAE coastal context
  3. UNEP-ISDR-NIDM-CEE Training program for capacity building for coastal managers in climate change, disaster and coastal management

Consultations for coastal policy 


  1. National consultations for policy inputs on Coastal Management Zone (CMZ) and Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) notifications
  2. State coastal management policy inputs – Goa
  3. UNDP Consultation on Marine Turtle conservation
  4. Goa Youth Convention on Marine & Coasts – input to Goa Govt.
  5. International Workshop (side event) on Education for Marine and Coastal Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use – at CBD-CoP 12, Hyderabad
  6. Documentation of good practices on coastal biodiversity conservation– GIZ
  7. Approach paper and strategic review for India’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) (Ocean and Marine) for inputs to MoEF for UN working group discussions.
  8. International Workshop on Education as a Driver for Sustainable Development Goals (ESDG) – (parallel workshop on Ocean and Marine SDG), Ahmedabad.

Marine Camps


  1. Beyt Dwarka Marine Campsite, Gujarat
  2. Udipi, Malpe, - Marine camps conducted, Karnataka
  3. Goa – Marine campsite available as donation, Goa
  4. Gulf of Mannar – Marine camps conducted, Tamil Nadu
  5. Sri Lanka – Marine camps conducted

Marine Interpretation


  1. Chilika lagoon interpretation centre, Orissa
  2. Andaman & Nicobar Interpretation centre, Andamand
  3. Gulf of Mannar
  4. Marine Biodiversity Conservation Interpretation Centre - Kanyakumari
  5. Ocean Education Conservation Centre – Orissa,
  6. Goa – Marine Turtle Conservation
  7. Science Express Biodiversity Special – Mobile Train exhibition with separate coach on Ocean and Coast theme.

Coastal Disaster Management


  1. Tsunami Rehabilitation in rural coastal villages - Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu

Housing, Net Shelter, Fish Aggregating Device, water body reclamation; Coastal Vulnerability Assessment; Restoration of agricultural lands, Alternate livelihoods -mud crab fattening, outboard motor repair; Nursery raising, coastal plantations, vulnerability assessment and contingency planning for coastal fishing villages.

  1. SAARC Regional Assessment for Coastal Risk Reduction Plans

Sustainable Business & Climate Change

  1. Compensatory afforestation & mangrove monitoring - Gujarat
  2. CDM Project – Bhavnagar, Gujarat
  3. Participatory assessment of Environment Management Plan (EMP) implementation and CSR activities by Ports - Mundra, Gujarat

Rural Development

  1. UNDP-GEF-SGP programs by NGOs / CBOs in coastal areas across India
  2. Capacity building communities for Environment Management Framework for Livelihoods in coastal rural areas – Andhra, Tamil Nadu

Coastal Biodiversity conservation

  1. Mapping of mangrove habitats, Plantations – Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry
  2. Research and field studies in Karwar (Karnataka), Gulf of Kachchh-Gulf of Khamabhat (Gujarat), East Godavari, Krishna and Coringa (Andhra Pradesh) for assessment of social dependency and governance ability for demarcation of Critical Vulnerable Coastal Areas (CVCAs)  and policy feedback support for National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management (NCSCM) and MoEF.