The Sustainable Business and Climate Change initiative at CEE is the reflection of the growing realisation of the necessity to bring in sustainability practices in business and community practices. Working with industries and communities since 1993, SBCC

CEE's Sustainable Business and Climate Change (SBCC) Group works with business and industries in order to support efforts towards sustainable development. Our activities on energy, waste and climate focus on analysis and assessments, information servicing, training and capacity building of decision makers.

SBCC works with the business sector to facilitate acceptance of the concepts of waste minimization and energy efficiency as a tools for sustainable growths and profit. It works closely with industries, associations and bilateral/multilateral agencies to promote and develop pilots to facilitate efficient production and environmental management systems.

SBCC works with stakeholders and interested organisations on climate change communication, carbon footprint and greenhouse gas accounting, assessment and evaluations.

It undertakes activity both on project and consultancy basis and helps businesses to go beyond compliance requirements through voluntary measures towards developing their core activity towards sustainability practise. Documentation and dissemination of information on such aspects of cleaner production, waste minimization, optimization of resource use, environmental impact with a bearing on resource quality, resilience of ecosystems and handling of hazardous wastes, are carried out through reality checks and actual demonstration of improvements. The target audience includes on-floor managers, decision makers, and technocrats.

SBCC works closely with businesses, institutions and communities on implantation of MEAs, green building, chemicals, energy efficiency and CDM. CEE is also involved in providing inputs into national and international level strategies for the development of environmentally sound technology frameworks, through an understanding of process limitations based on empirical evidences.