International Conference on Biodiversity Conservation and
Education for Sustainable Development
Learning to Conserve Biodiversity in a Rapidly Changing World
October 13,14, Hyderabad, India

Biodiversity and Formal Education

The Biodiversity Conservation and ESD Conference will seek to facilitate an invigorating consultative process through the WGs. The WG proceedings will feed into overall conference outcome and plenaries / recommendations and declaration.

Four thematic workshops are being planned. The objective of the WG is to:

  • Prepare a status report on work done so far through sharing of best practices and experiences
  • Define issues and challenges in mainstreaming Biodiversity Education in Education for Sustainable Development
  • Prepare a road map for the future and specifically make recommendations to COP 11 at Hyderabad

The WG will be for 5 and half hours during this two day Conference. On Day 1 the session will be for 2 hours and will include introductions. On Day 2 the pre lunch session will be for 1 and half hours while the post lunch session will be for 2 hours including conclusions.

The Four thematic areas with break- up of sessions is as follows:
Working Group Session-1: Biodiversity and Formal Education