Pre-service and In-service teachers in DIET Lucknow oriented by CEE Himalaya


The subject for this address for these 200 Pre-service teachers was the reorientation of education and teacher training. They were explained on how to improve their teaching-learning techniques and enhance its effectiveness, relevance, usefulness while making it interesting for the school going children. There are a lot of issues when it comes to early childhood primary, middle and secondary education, such as, lack of interest shown by the students in the curriculum, unwillingness of the parents of these children to send them to schools as they no tangible benefits from the education being imparted in schools, and much more. Connecting classroom teaching with the outdoor environment, designing and conducting activities, developing teaching aids based on the information, data collected locally from low and or no cost material and using them, and doing activities related to life in a village, their livelihoods, culture and traditions were emphasised.

With the other group of 30 In-service teachers; drinking water, open defecation, menstrual hygiene, food, nutrition, diarrhoea deaths, stunting, anaemia, personal hygiene, health and fitness were discussed. IEC materials developed by CEE Himalaya were also used to support these deliberations.