‘The Planet’ – CEE’s Pre-school initiative launched



Centre for Environment Education (CEE) has been committed towards improving the quality of environmental education in schools of India since its inception in 1984. Initially, its focus was at the middle school level. CEE's work in the ‘90s also looked at different approaches at the higher education level. The effort was to connect classroom work with sustainability concepts. CEE also launched a Green Teacher Diploma programme for in service teachers in partnership with Common Wealth of Learning. Therefore, in accordance with this, the following initiatives were put forth:

•  The Planet Pre-School

•  A Pre-School on CEE Campus in Ahmedabad, facilitating Nursery, Junior and Senior KG

•  It will be opened on World Environment Day June 5, 2018

•  A Rural Pre-school at the CEE Campus in Halvad, Morbi district also to be set up

•  Green Teacher Pre-School

•  As part of the CEE's Green Teacher programme, a special 4 month certificate course for Pre-school teachers will be offered from June 2018

•  Pre-School Educational Resources

•  Special publications, posters, work sheets, games, models etc. are being prepared and will be available to all Pre-schools in India

•  Pre-School Network

•  Forming a network of schools that partner CEE's Pre-school programme, initially available only in Ahmedabad.

•  Partner schools would have access to the materials, workshops and seminars and a concession on the Green Teacher programme.