Teachers play a crucial role in class especially in the aspects of disaster education as there is effective capacity in them to raise awareness about natural disasters, ways to reduce risks and be prepared to take immediate actions during crisis situations and encourage changes in the families, communities and school going children.

Therefore, school teachers and personnel of the State Education Department were trained on mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and inculcating climate change education into classroom teaching. Directorate of Education has instructed teachers trained to carry forward the activities learnt under the CEE-Give2Asia project to ensure sustainability of the initiative that has been started. 

The TTWs were aimed at:

1)      Establishing a common understanding of importance of and connection between DRR and school curricula

2)      Developing better understanding of the DRR

3)      Illustrating the role of different stakeholders in DRR, especially the integrated nature of DRR between different school subjects

4)      Helping teachers develop an understanding of the link between DRR and everyday lessons

The TTWs were structured into presentations by the experts from CEE and the local agencies; activities and games; group discussions to provide a comprehensive knowledge on the subject matter to the participants. The major themes discussed in the training programme included - an analysis of predominant risks, disaster reduction and conflict prevention; rapid and comprehensive needs assessments - an analysis of risks, including the underlying risks to school children; prioritise schools to be retrofitted and use hazard-resistant standards for the same; facilitate the participation of children in DRR activities both in and out of school by using child-centered and activity-based methodologies, appropriate to different age groups; promoting school-based and child-centered DRR. The representatives from the Directorate of Education being present during all these three TTWs were a great asset, reflecting on the involvement and commitment of the Directorate. It indicates sustainability and using the teachers trained to train other teachers, increasing the reach out.