DP Coalition

Development of Pune Coalition :

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is currently preparing the Development Plan (DP) for the core area of Pune city (excluding newly merged 23 villages for which a separate draft DP has been submitted to the state government).

The DP Coalition, a network of organizations and individuals in Pune with a secretariat at Centre for Environment Education, seeks to enrich the planning process by bringing in external expertise and inputs from stakeholder consultations. In addition, it aims to undertake outreach efforts to publicize options and tradeoffs.

The underlying aim of this initiative is to use the opportunity of the Development Planning process to enhance social, environmental and economic sustainability in the Pune urban area.

Submissions related to the following sectors are planned:

  • Affordable Housing

  • Informal-sector Economy and Occupations

  • Land policy

  • enabling Town Planning Schemes

  • Infrastructure Planning and Management

  • Biodiversity and Open Areas, and

  • Planning the Physical Structure of the City


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