Indradhanushya Citizenship and Environment Education Centre:

Indradhanushya project is initiated with an aim to provide urban environment education to students (with focus on PMC schools) and citizens and to provide platform and demonstration site to encourage good environment management practices.

Indradhanushya, is a public facility being developed in partnership by the Pune Municipal Corporation and CEE, aims to enhance awareness about urban environmental issues and role of citizens, especially children in urban management. Its long-term objective is to enhance the quality basic education and enhance citizenship education, in all schools in Pune. Exhibits, print material and a programme for organized school visits are being developed at Indradhanushya.

CEE is also developing working models, interactive panels, dioramas and signage for Indradhanushya. The content includes Pune’s history and heritage, urban biodiversity, solid waste management, water, energy, traffic and transport and governance. Activities include school visits, workshops for citizens, summer camps for children and youth, teacher training workshops, film festivals and meetings among different urban stakeholders.

This project will benefit PMC school students, Students of private schools, School teachers and Citizens.



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