Regional Centre of Expertise :

A Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) is a network of existing formal; non-formal and informal education organizations, mobilized to deliver ESD to local and regional communities. An RCE builds innovative platforms for multi-sectoral and interdisciplinary information-sharing, dialogue and collaborating for promoting ESD among regional / local stakeholders. It also creates a regional / local knowledge base to support ESD activities.

A network of higher education institutes, local citizens groups, and the municipality has been recognized as the Regional Centre of Expertise in Pune on Sustainable Urban Development by the United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies. CEE is functioning as the Secretariat of RCE Pune. Over forty RCEs have been recognized by the UNU IAS in different parts of the world http://www.ias.unu.edu/research/regionalcentres.cfm

RCE Pune helps to apply the knowledge resources of faculty and students to tackle issues related to housing, waste, traffic, school education, sanitation, biodiversity, through the following mechanisms at higher education and research institutes:

  • Internships
  • Research and Studies on local environment and development aspects
  • Development of optional/ core / continuing learning courses on sustainability

The vision of RCE Pune is to foster socially and ecologically sound growth using ESD as a key tool to enhance knowledge, promote responsible action and improve governance.

Some projects linked to RCE Pune are:


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