India’s culinary heritage, with its authenticity, has won hearts and minds of the entire world.  The flavour of the spices invigorates each and every taste bud. The aroma of food, heated to perfection, mixed to elevate piquancy is what defines Indian platter. The culinary culture of different states of India specializes in creating dishes which will leave any food lover, speechless. At the Education as a driver for Sustainable Development Goals Conference 2016, we handpicked those select dishes to relish the Indian tastes. Complete with three course meal , we aimed to spread out popular snacks and winter dishes of northern India , festive platter from southern parts of India along with delectable savouries’ from Kathiawad.



A south Indian delicacy, ‘Idli’ is soft, round rice flour cake steamed to perfection. Accompanied with coconut ‘chutney’ and lentil soup (‘sambhar’), it can be eaten for any regular meal.




A sweet dish specially prepared for the ‘Onam’ festival of south India, ‘Seviya Paayasam’ is rice or vermicelli cooked in milk with added goodness of varied dry fruits.




It is the most famous street food in northern part of India. ‘Samosa’ is a fried or baked pastry with savoury filling of spiced potatoes. It can be served with either mint or coriander ‘chutney’ and tamarind sauce for enhanced taste.





Combination of these two is a popular winter recipe in northern part of India. Made with fresh mustard leaves ground to a paste, it is accompanied by corn flour tortilla (‘rotis/chapatis’) for maximum flavour.




‘Sev tameta nu shaak’

A popular Kathiawadi preparation, it is a sweet and sour tomato curry prepared with tomato, ‘sev’ or chickpea noodles with Indian curry spices. Sautéed in oil and then steam cooked with water, it is served best with ‘rotla’ or Indian bread.