Ensuring Continuum of Quality Care for Healthy Lives and Well being

Working Group discussing SDG 3 “Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all stages”

For ensuring continuum of quality health and nutrition entitlements throughout the life cycle and across various locations, particularly among marginalised communities, is important to address issues of maternal, newborn, child mortality and morbidity and improve adolescents and young people’s access to health care.  Empowering and educating communities is a key strategy towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). There is a need to ensure alignment and communication with a stronger focus on equity and rights. 

In this regard, workshops were organised for sharing evidence based practices, workable models, strategies and approaches that will contribute to global wisdom towards a shared vision. The workshops provided an opportunity to dialogue and discuss the scalability and challenges related to approaches of improving health and well being of the marginalised communities. The outcome of these workshops were recommendations towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 3 targets themes of the workshops:

  • Empowering Adolescents for Healthy Lives 
  • Community based approaches for improving maternal and new born health
  • Addressing social determinants for improving child health

Workshop Coordination Team:
Indu Capoor and Pallavi Patel (CHETNA)


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Workshop Sessions


Time / Date

11/1/2016 (Monday)

12/1/2016 (Tuesday)

13/1/2016 (Wednesday)

8:00 - 9.00




9.30 - 10.45

Inaugural Plenary

Setting the Tone

Plenary 2
Measurement, Indicators

Tracking Progress

Addressing Social Determinants for Improving Child Health(1 hr)

  • Keynote Address-Ms. Mirai Chatterjee-Director Sewa Social Security 
  • Children’s health of Migrant Population- Ms. Vaishali Pispati , Mobile Creches (Mumbai)

10.45 - 11.15

Tea Break

11.15 - 1.15

Plenary 1
SDGs and Role of Education

Community Based Approaches for Improving Maternal and Newborn Health (2 hrs)

  • Global overview of maternal and newborn  health Dr. Leela Visaria, National Professor and Former Director GIDR
  • Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) for Maternal and Newborn Health- Dr. Prasanta, Ekjut
  • Educating Women’s Groups for Ensuring access to Maternal Health Ser
  • vices- Ms. Neeta Hardikar, Programme Executive Anandi

Addressing Social Determinants for Improving Child Health(2 hrs)

  • Dr. Nguka Gordan, RCE Kakamega,
    Masinde Muliro University of Science
    and Technology, Kakamega, Kenya
  • Cultural Approaches for Health Education- Ms. Minaxi Shukla, Additional Director  CHETNA.
  • Discussion on recommendations
  • Final recommendations for adolescents, maternal health and child health for SDG 3

1.15 - 2.30

Lunch Break


2.30 - 4.00

Empowering Adolescents for Healthy Lives  (1.5 hrs)

  • An overview for overall SDG Goal 3- Omprakash
  • Overview of Adolescent and young people’s health and development. Dr. Sunaina Walia
  • Equipping migrants for Reproductive Health through Education Dr. Kailash Brijwasi Jatan-Rajasthan
  • Promoting gender equitable norms among boys and girls- Ms. Ms. Pranita Achyut, Senior Technical Specialist- Adolescent and Gender, ICRW.

Community Based Approaches for Improving Maternal and Newborn Health (1.5 hrs)

  • Reaching out to families for Birth preparedness and Complication Readiness- Vd. Smita Bajpai, Project Director CHETNA
  • Community Action for Health-A National Initiative- Mr. Bijit Roy, Coordinator, PFI
  • Discussion on recommendations

Closing Plenary
The Way Forward

4.00 - 4.30

Tea Break

High Tea

5.00 - 6.00

Empowering Adolescents for Healthy Lives ( 1hr)

  • Creating space to reach out to diverse adolescent groups- Ms. Pallavi Patel, Director CHETNA
  • Communicating reproductive and sexual health issues among adolescents- Ms. Suzan Thomas Coordinator Lok Swasthya Sewa Trust
  • Discussion on recommendations

Plenary 3:
GAP and SDGs

Strengthening Commitments

6.30 - 8.00

Cultural Evening and Dinner