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Web Resources
Right to Education
Website http://www.righttoeducation.in/

This portal is a One Stop resource for all interested in the Right to Education Act in India. The portal provides news, events, blog discussions, legislation and analysis.

Herbarium- Kerala Forest Research Institute
Website http://www.kfriherbarium.org/

KFRI herbarium was started in early 1980s with regular field collections of specimens. It holds over 10306 specimens and recognized internationally by the acronym KFRI by the International Association of Plant Taxonomists (IAPT).
Apart from general collections, KFRI-herbarium has a complete collection of medicinal plants in South India and a pan Indian collection of palms and bamboos of India including Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The species in the herbaria are indexed in alphabetical order with collection numbers under respective plant families.

Nature Bridge
Website https://www.naturebridge.org/

Nature Bridge provides hands-on environmental field science education for children and teens in some of the most magnificent classrooms—the national parks.
Nature Bridge publishes an Environmental Education Research Bulletin. It synthesizes and summarizes recently reported research from journals focused on issues pertaining to environmental educators. Included in this bulletin are articles about behavior, evaluation, teaching methods, sense of place, and professional development.

Nirantar: a centre for gender and education
Website http://www.nirantar.net/

Nirantar established in 1993 and is actively involved with the women’s movement and other democratic rights movements since its inception in 1993
The organization works towards enabling education, especially for girls and women from marginalized communities. They seek to promote transformatory formal and non-formal learning processes which enable the marginalized to better understand and address their realities.
Nirantar promotes access to information, literacy, and perspective and skill building through interactive trainings and educational resources. Nirantar also works at the community level and undertakes research and advocacy, particularly on critical issues which need greater attention from the State as well as civil society. Their work is strongly rooted in lives of rural women.

Global Issues : Social, Political, Economic and Environmental Issues That Affect Us All
Website http://www.globalissues.org/

This website looks into global issues that affects everyone and aims to show how most issues are inter-related.The issues discussed range from trade, poverty and globalization, to human rights, geopolitics, the environment, and much more.

Wilderness Youth Project Fosters a Nature Connection with Kids
Website http://wyp.org/

Wilderness Youth Project (WYP) was established in 1999 and offers after school, school-day and summer programs starting at age three and going through high school.
The mission of WYP is to foster confidence, health, and a life-long love of learning for young people and families through active outdoor experiences and mentoring.

Websites for kids
Website http://www.discoverwater.org/

This website for kids has interactive activities about water topics including water cycle, ocean, fresh water, watersheds, water conservation and protection.

Website www.kidsplanet.org
This website provides useful information for teachers and students on wildlife and habitat. Visitors to the site can view pictures of endangered animals, hear animal sounds, enjoy interactive games, etc.

Website http://pbskids.org/eekoworld/
This website help kids of agegroup 6 to 9 learn about their role to play in taking care of the earth. Animated characters are used in games and activities to present facts about ecosystems and pollution. Children can build their own land-, water-,air-dweliing “EekoCreature” and help it overcome environmental problems and and explore their own EekoHouse, a simulation resembling their real home life that shows how decisions they make affect the environment and their EekoCreature.

Website http://ww35.ecokidsonline.com/
EcoKids is Earth Day Canada’s environmental education program for youth who care about the planet. It offers interactive, fun, educational games and activities that utilize participants’ willingness to learn. Children are encouraged to form their own opinions, make decisions, get involved and understand the impact their own actions have on the environment.

Website http://www.nrdc.org/greensquad/
This Natural Resources Defence Council(NRDC) website shows how to identify and solve environmental problems. Kids can explore a colorful virtual school room by room, and use the mouse to locate potential hazards. Site offers a wide range of fact sheets and environmental resources

Website http://www.earthmatters4kids.org/main.html
This website aims to teach K-6 students and educators and communities the physical, life and earth sciences in a visually dynamic and interactive way . This website has a rich source of material that highlights diverse ecosystems and habitats menat to inspire learning, promote interest in the science and the environment and enhance critical thinking.

Website http://greenguideforkids.blogspot.in/
This website is an online environmental resource for kids to find ideas, information, and inspiration to go green. It Provides children, their families and teachers with information, projects and solutions to help keep the planet green. It also exposes readers to environmental issues around the world as well as right in their own backyard.