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Project Officers (ICT)

For its Gramshiksha Project at Villages of Khambhalia and Lalpur Talukas of Jamnagar Dist. and Devbhoomi Dwarka


Essential Qualification

Essential experience

Consolidated Salary (Rs.) p.m.



Project Officer (ICT)

B.C.A-MCA/ B.Sc-M.sc (Computer Science or IT/Computer Applications)/ Science and IT or Equivalent

2 years of Experience. Preferred specially in the field of computer and smart class learning.

Rs.20,000/- to Rs.25,000/-

Villages of Khambhaliya and Lalpur Talukas of Jamnagar Dist. and  
Devbhoomi Dwarka

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Last date to receive the applications online is: 27.7.2018

Indicative Salary. Based on decision of the Interview Committee, CEE reserves the right to offer you any position and salary against the position you have applied for. 



Roles and Responsibilities: 

1. Ensure that smart classes and computer labs are used in the class of 6 to 8 for daily teaching- learning  work.

2. Supporting with the school teachers in computer and smart class related education work.

3. Encourage the process of project based teaching learning methodology especially for class 6 to 8.

4. Collecting educational resources to educate children.

5. Perform necessary administrative work required for the project.

6. Compliance with child rights and child protection laws


Special skills

1. Have a deep understanding and knowledge of related operations and ICT tools used for education

2. Excellent communication skills to communicate with the individual, community and school.

3. Ability to independently plan and implement the project activities



1. Use of one’s own personal smart phone and its use.

2. Willing to work in rural areas

3. Own Two-Wheeler and RTO authorized

4. Willing to travel instantly/extensively


CEE Delhi Regional Cell 
Administration and Accounts Assistant (AAA)

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The responsibilities of Admin and Accounts Assistant include executing and coordinating day-to-day financial, accounting, administrative functions and services in order to run Centre’s respective Regional office/Groups and its programmes smoothly. The key tasks include.
Location: CEE Delhi
Salary range: 23,000 – 25, 000 per month

  • Providing administrative support to Programmes, projects of the Regional Offices/Groups
  • Providing administrative and liaison support to other groups in their region especially related to National Secretariats and other National programmes operating from the group/region
  • Handling any other matter that arises in the area of office management
  • Carry out necessary coordination and liaison with government and partner organizations
  • Maintain and monitor the cee delhi common email id.
  • Coordinate for rent, purchases, Annual Maintenance Contract, Housekeeping, Assets
  • Supervise and upkeep Office facilities, premises security, daily services such as cleaning, supplies etc.
  • Looking after overall day to day office management
  • Following purchase procedure for purchase or printing related work, in the capacity of Member Secretary, Regional Purchase Committee
  • Maintenance of records related to stores and publications
  • Provide admin support in organizing workshops, events and other activities at various levels.
  • Coordinate for various administrative/technical work area within and outside CEE
  • Assisting local recruitment committees and taking care of joining formalities of the new staff members at offices/groups
  • Handling documentation related to term closures, resignations, superannuation and Settlement of Accounts of staff at offices/groups
  • Arranging performance reviews of staff members at offices/groups in coordination with
  • Personnel coordination:
  • Coordinating bio-data of staff for project proposals
  • Developing systems and documenting SOPs pertaining to Personnel, Administration and
  • Finance Management  
  • Liaison with vendors and suppliers
  • Maintaining the master data base and records of all staff members at regional office
  • Calculating and Transferring project salary and staff time cost; submitting attendance sheets, time sheets
  • Keeping record of Office Orders and SOPs and relevant documents are sharing the same with staff members


  • Assist with preparation of the budgets for group and projects and maintain MIS for budget and expenses
  • Carry out concurrence on all expenses based on budgets
  • Keep records of expenditure with relevant documents
  • Operate the Tally MIS system and regularly synchronize data with HO Accounts.
  • Implement financial policies and procedures
  • Reconcile the general ledger
  • Coordinate for operating CEE Delhi bank account function
  • Prepare and reconcile general bank statements
  • Establish and maintain supplier accounts
  • Prepare income and expenditure statements of the regional offices/groups
  • Assist with the annual audit and also periodic audits related to projects
  • Maintain financial files and records
  • Staff time and overhead recovery and utilization
  • Finding ways for enhancing savings for the Centre 
  • Coordinate with CEE Ahmedabad Accounts Office for audits and routine matters

Programme and Project Accounts and Admin responsibilities:

  • Coordinate with and Support CEE Ahmedabad Accounts and Small Grants Programme (SGP) Coordinator to prepare project specific financial statements   in the prescribed formats and submit on time.
  • Support to prepare Annual Work Plan (AWP)
  • Support to  prepare quarterly and annual Progress and Finance Reports
  • Prepare Funding Authorization and Certificate of Expenditure  form (FACE Form) in quarterly basis
  • Maintain and update separate account and admin files for every projects under CEE Delhi group and SGP and make available for ready reference
  • Coordinate and support the financial auditing, spot checking and collate all relevant data as per the requirements.
  • Support  and accompany  SGP Coordinator during workshops, meetings and  discussions, monitoring  and evaluation visits
  • Guide and support the SGP team at National Secretariat and Region Cells regarding the fund transfer and management as per the SOP of CEE and SGP.
  • Maintain and update the database on the SGP fund transfer to respective NGO partners and collate and file all the supporting documents.
  • Administration : Coordinate logistic arrangement for the events take place at Delhi or any other places under the coordination of CEE Delhi/SGP India

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CEE’s Safer Roads for Safer Childhood (SRSC) Project requires following professionals at Guwahati and Jorhat City, Assam:

About the Project:

Centre for Environment Education (CEE) in partnership with IIT Guwahati will implement a two year long project titled “Safer Roads for Safer Childhood” in Jorhat city of Assam. The project will assess the child road safety scenario in the city and work closely with five schools to reduce the probability of road crashes as a demonstration. The project will work closely with teachers, students, parents and other stakeholders to come up with school road safety plans and implement the plans with support from Line Departments and Jorhat Municipality.

Nature of appointment: Project Appointments

Duration of appointment: 15th June, 2018 to 31st May, 2020 (or Co-terminus with the project, whichever is earlier)



No. of posts

Essential Qualification


Essential experience

Consolidated Salary upto (Rs.) per month*

Location of posting

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Accounts Person (Assistant Accounts Officer rank and level)



First Class M.Com

Knowledge of Tally

Relevant experience is preferred

Upto Rs.28,500/- p.m.

Guwahati, Assam

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Project Associates  


First Class Masters in Science, Environment Science, Social Science, Education, Management or in relevant disciplines

Knowledge of Assamese language (Read, Write and Speak)

Upto Rs.23,500/- p.m

Jorhat City, Assam  

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OR First Class Bachelor’s degree  in relevant subject

3 years’ experience preferred.


Project Assistant (Multi-task work on Project)


Bachelors in any Discipline.



Knowledge of MS Word package especially excel

Knowledge of Assamese language (Read, Write and Speak)


Upto Rs.14,500/- p.m.

Guwahati, Assam


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* Indicative Salary. Based on decision of the Interview Committee, CEE reserves the right to offer you any position and salary against the position you have applied for. 

Last date to receive the applications online is: 16.6.2018

Probable date of interview: 21.6.2018. (Candidates will be intimated through email only)




CEE North East is looking for the following project personnel for the project:

Position 1: Accounts Person (Assistant Accounts Officer rank)

Job Description:

The Accounts person located at Guwahati will work under regular supervision of the Sr PC.  In consultation with the SrPC, s/he will be responsible for all Accounts related tasks of the project including –

  1. Prepare quarterly budget of the project in consultation with the SrPC and POs
  2. Prepare monthly budget of the project with inputs from the POs and Field team and get approval for the same from the SrPC
  3. Timely process the requests for advances submitted by the team members and get the advances approved from the SrPC
  4. Prepare the advance cheques and ensure that advances are received by the team members on time so that the project activities are conducted smoothly
  5. Ensure that each team member submits their –
    1. Cash Voucher (in form no. ADM 04) against programme advance – within 10 days of the programme execution
    2. Travel Bill (TJV) against travel approval –within 10 days of the return date
  6. Ensure that each bill is accompanied by a report –
    1. Programme report for programmatic bills
    2. Tour report for travel bills
  7. Process the bills/ vouchers submitted by the team members on time and get them approved by the SrPC along with the account codes
  8. After the bills are submitted and approved by the SrPC, ensure that –
    1. Any unspent amount from the advances taken by the team members is refunded and deposited in CEE North East bank account immediately  
    2. Any due amount is paid to the staff members
  9. Enter all expenses related to the project in tally and expenses register within stipulated time as per CEE norms
  10. Coordinate with Programme Management & Support Unit (PMSU) for timely synchronization of Accounts
  11. Coordinate with CEE HO Accounts team & Personnel for timely payment of statutory payments pertaining to the project/ project staff
  12. Keep record of the project head wise expenditure in excel (This is in addition to the Tally entry) as per budget and share with SrPC and Programme Officers for planning during weekly/ fortnightly meetings. Notify them about any over-spending/ under-spending of budget as per approved budget
  13. Randomly check bills for their authenticity
  14. Crosscheck the vehicle bills with the vehicle booking register (maintained by Admin staff) before presenting the bills to the SrPC
  15. Keep track of the Financial Reporting requirements to Donor and prepare the Statement of Expenditure (SoE) in time as per donor norms and submit the SoE & Utilization Certificate to donor in time
  16. Keep all bills ready for audit
  17. Any other responsibility assigned by the SrPC  from time to time





Position 2: Project Associates

Job Description:

Two Project Associates located at Jorhat will work under regular supervision of the Programme Officer (PO)(Partnership & Training). They will develop individual monthly project action plans in consultation with the PO (P&T), get the plans approved by the SrPC and execute activities as per the approved plans. They will send fortnightly report to PO (P&T). Their tasks will include the following roles - 

  1. Role I: Survey on Child Road Safety
    1. Conduct preliminary site visits to all schools in Jorhat, collect primary data on road safety and take photographic evidence under the guidance of PO (P&T)
    2. Collect secondary data from line departments & hospitals
    3. Data entry in specific excel formats
    4. Provide support for data analysis
    5. Provide support to IITG team in road safety audit
    6. Provide support to IITG team in mobility cum walkability survey
  2. Role II: Development & implementation of School Road Safety Plans
    1. Facilitate the process of signing MoUs with five project schools
    2. Regular visit to selected five project schools and sensitize the stakeholders (Teachers, SMC, Students and parents) on child road safety
    3. Organize school level interaction sessions with stakeholders and visualization exercise on school road safety
    4. Lead the process of school road safety plan development for the assigned schools
    5. Finalize the school road safety plans and get those approved by the School Management Committees under the supervision of PO (P&T)
    6. Help schools to come up with a system of on-site help to children to cross road
  3. Role III: Logistics
    1. Arrange necessary logistics for the school level programmes
    2. Arrange necessary logistics for the teachers’ training programmes
    3. Arrange necessary logistics for project inception meetings, and media workshops 
    4. Provide necessary logistics support for the infrastructure activities in and around schools 
  4. Role IV: Liaison
    1. Participate in initial meetings with the Line Departments along with the Senior CEE and IITG team and
    2. Do necessary follow ups later in consultation with the PO and SrPC
  5. Role V: Project Documentation
    1. Keep detail proceedings & photos of all activities and provide regular updates to POs as follows –
      1. Fortnightly activity reports on routine activities to PO (P&T) so that she can in turn compile the monthly reports in time, check and forward reports to PO (IEC) for social media and quarterly reports, maintain necessary records enabling monitoring and audit
      2. Event reports (i.e. training etc) to PO (P&T) within 3 days of the event
      3. Sending photos of all routine activities and events to PO (IEC) so that she can regularly update the social media
    2. Keep details of expenses and bills and submit those timely to Regional Office as per rule
  6. Role VI: Support and Monitoring
    1. Oversee the activities of the Road Safety Friend (RSF) volunteers
    2. Oversee activities of the masons and workers during infrastructure activities in and around schools
  7. Role VII: Support in strengthening enforcement
    1. Work with Traffic Police, Transport Department, Schools and Community for targeted Enforcement Campaign under the supervision of the PO (P&T)
    2. Support of on-site help to children to cross road
  8. Any other responsibilities assigned by the SrPC from time to time.





Position 3: Project Assistant (Multi-task work on Project)

Job Description:

The Assistant located at Guwahati will work under regular supervision of the SrPC. In consultation with the SrPC, s/he will be responsible for the following tasks –

  1. Maintain the project files and all correspondence letters and papers therein
  2. Support in data entry and analysis
  3. Help in web research on specific topics 
  4. Draft letters and notes as dictated by SrPC
  5. Draft power point presentations based on inputs from project team
  6. Help SrPC to maintain & process bills timely 
  7. Logistic support for organizing the Events (i.e. Regional Tech Competition, inception meeting etc)
  8. Delivery and collection of letters
  9. Any other responsibilities assigned by the SrPC from time to time



CEE for its CEE East Regional Cell at Kolkata requires:

Project Officer (2 position) : A self-starter, dynamic team leader with Post Graduate in any discipline (First Class preferred) with minimum 1 year of relevant experience. S/he will be competent in English and Bangla (both spoken and written), and report writing skill. Knowledge of computers (MS word, excel and power point) and internet use is essential. S/he will be responsible for organising school and community level campaigns with students, monitoring the team of project person , creating awareness materials and liaison with Senior Govt Officials. The candidate is also required to be equipped with working with social media for  campaigns  and promotion of the programme.

Experience of around 2 years in related field/similar work. Frequent travelling to beneficiary schools and for various meetings related to the project is inbuilt part of the projects.
Consolidated salary – upto Rs. 20000 per month
Duration of appointment:
1. for Urja Chetana project: initial appointment will be provided for 3 months, followed by 1 year extension based on Project contract.
2. For Clean Air Champion project: appointment of 6 months from 1st May

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Project Coordinators and Project Officers across India




Salary range


Project Coordinators


First Class Masters Degree or equivalent

Min. 5 years

Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 50,000


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Project Officers

First Class Masters Degree or equivalent


Candidates with min 2 years relevant experience preferred


Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 35,000


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Job descriptions

Project  Coordinators shall be responsible for managing and coordinating development, education and communication programmes; conceptualizing and writing project proposals and raising funds; Project management, monitoring and evaluation; liaisoning with partner and funding agencies; be able to undertake action research and field based assignments; be responsible for leading the Centre’s work in the relevant area of ESD—locally, nationally and globally; guide and supervise teams involved in execution of a variety of projects and also lead Centre’s academic and educational research in the respective field.

Project Officers in general are responsible for implementation of development education and communication programmes, their documentation and would need to lead the Programme Coordination, activities and team. The incumbent shall also be responsible for carrying out the relevant subject research and support development of project documents and educational products.

Project Coordinators and Officers carry out below mentioned functions in any thematic area or Group of the Centre:

  • Coordination and Implementation of programmes
  • Conceptualization and development of new concepts, initiatives and programmes
  • Development education and communication material;
  • conduct training programmes,
  • Work with Communities, partners, stakeholders and relevant groups
  • Guide and Support the Programme Coordination team members in implementation of the programme
  • Be responsible for carrying out the relevant subject research and support development of project documents and educational products.
  • Identify and tap funding sources and raise funds through govt., bilateral and corporate sources to scale up the current initiatives and programmes
  • Be responsible for Administration, Accounts and Finance of their programmes.