Green Haat: A Bazaar where every Product tells a Story!


Green Haat is the marketplace for a range of over 150 innovative green products manufactured by local communities—men and women—from across India. The Haat enlivens the vision of sustainable development—it exemplifies intricate links between community‐based conservation initiatives, sustainable livelihoods, poverty alleviation, women empowerment and capacity building of local communities.

This initiative aims to promote livelihoods and social entrepreneurship for biodiversity conservation amongst grassroot innovators. Every product in the Haat has a story woven behind it, and every artisan portrays the passion, patience, and mission to innovate for sustainability!

Come and experience this unique Green market where sustainable development starts with you!

Individuals/Organizations are invited for showcasing their Products, Ideas, Innovations to the promising audience of more than 200 NGOs from all over India and our very own Ahmedavadis for 3 days.






Provided with


Rs. 7000 /- (including One registration*)


10 x 8 Feet Stall

2 Tables (4 x 2),
2 Chairs,
1 Fan,
1 Power plug


Rs. 10,000 /- (including One registration*)

Food Stall

Rs. 4000 /-

10 x 10 Feet Stall

Food tables (single item, ready to serve

Rs. 2000 /-

Open space

1 Food Table


* Registration of one participant includes attending the three days Meet, Meeting Kit and Food.
To book a Stall, please contact:
Mr. Bibhu Tripathy on
Ms. Jyoti Gaur on
+91 79 26844755/759