Discussions & Talks: Plenaries to Create and Refine Vision

Plenaries and Panel Discussions

Informing policies, connecting with them

The GEF/UNDP Small Grants Programme was envisaged as a global initiative which moves beyond the purpose of a ‘grant making’ Programme to one which also builds and creates newer local level networks, knowledge institutions and engages them in policy advocacy as well. The plenaries and panel discussions, with participation from government officials, GEF/UNDP officials, scientists, social scientists, conservation practitioners as well as barefoot consultants would explore how SGP experiences have informed policies and mainstreamed good practices.


INAUGURAL PLENARY (Tentative Programme )


Time : 0930 to 0940 hrs

Title :About the Meet- Welcome and Setting the tone

Speaker : Mr. Kartikeya Sarabhai, Director, CEE India, National Host Institution, SGP India


Time : 0940 to 0950 hrs

Title :SGP India - Facilitating and Supporting Innovations

Speaker : Mr. Jaco Cilliers, Country Director, UNDP CO India


Time : 0950 to 1000 hrs

Title : SGP India - Aligning to the priorities of India

Speaker : Mr. Rakesh Kumar, Director, International Cooperation and SD, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, GoI


Time : 1000 to 1010 hrs

Title :Community Action, Global Impact - The Small Grants Programme

Speaker : Ms. Diana Salvemini, SGP Global Coordinator, Upgrading Country Programmes, UNDP


Time : 1010 to 1020 hrs

Title :Sustaining Coffee! - Experience sharing by SGP Partner NGO

Speaker : Mr. Ashwani Kumar, Head, Indian Institute of Plant Management, SGP Partner NGO


Time : 1020 to 1025 hrs

Title :Experiences from the field

Speaker : An SGP Project Film


Time : 1025 to 1035 hrs

Title :Inaugural Address

Speaker : Mr. Ashok Khosla, Chairperson, CEE Governing Council and Founder & President, Development Alternatives


Time :1035 hr

Title :Vote of thanks

Speaker : Ms. Shivani Jain, Officiating Country Programme Manager, SGP India, CEE India


Time : 10:35 - 11:00

Title :Evolution of SGP India Programme

Speaker : Mr Dilip Surkar, Mr. Prabhjot Sodhi, Ms. Karuna Singh, Mr. Ajit Patnaik, Ms. Shivani Jain


Plenary 1: 1130 to 1300


CHAIR: Dr. Ashok Khosla


Time : 1120 to 1130 hrs

Title : Supporting Innovations

Speaker : Ms. Moutushi Sengupta, CEO, MacArthur Foundation


Time : 1130 to 1140 hrs

Title : Innovation in Energy

Speaker : Shri Pankaj Patel, President, Abellon Energy India


Time : 1140 to 1150 hrs

Title : Science, Technology and Innovations: Role of R&D sector

Speaker : Dr. Uma Reddy, Managing Director, Hitech Magnetics and Electronics Pvt. Ltd.


Time : 1150 to 1200  hrs

Title : Sustainable Agriculture: Land and Water Management

Speaker : Mr. Limesh Patel, Trustee, Vruksha Prem, Rajkot, Gujarat


Time : 1200 to 1210 hrs

Title : SGP Experiences from Afghanistan

Speaker : Mr. Aimal Khan Khaurin, National Coordinator, SGP Afghanistan


Time : 1210 to 1215 hrs

Title : Experiences from the field

Speaker : An SGP Project Film


Time : 1215 to 1225 hrs

Title : Innovation to Manage Plastic Waste

Speaker : Mr. Imtiyaz Ali, CEO, Sarthak, Bhopal, M.P.


Time : 1225 to 1235 hrs

Title : Supporting Entrepreneurship: Role of CSR

Speaker : Mr. Deepak Arora, CEO ESSAR Foundation


Time : 1235 to 1245 hrs

Title : Chair's Remarks

Speaker : Dr. Ashok Khosla, Founder and President, Development Alternatives


Title :Announcements

Speaker SGP Secretariat

Plenary 2


CHAIR: Mr. Ajit Patnaik,  IFS, Member, National Steering Committee, SGP India



Time : 0930 to 0940

Title : Partnerships for Scaling up

Speaker : Ms. Ana Maria, Communications and Knowledge Manager, UNPD New York


Time : 0940 to 0950

Title : Incubating Innovations: Supporting Entrepreneurs, role of Academia

Speaker : Prof. Krishnamurthy, Senior Professor and Dean, Development Management Institute


Time : 0950 to 1000

Title : From Piloting to Scaling up: Low carbon technology adoption

Speaker : Ms. Svati Bhogle, Technology Informatics Design and Endeavour (TIDE), Bangalore, SGP NGO Partner


Time : 1000 to 1010

Title : SGP's Role in Scaling up Innovations

Speaker : Ms. Karuna Singh, Country Director, Earth Day Network – India


Time : 1010 to 1020

Title : Resource Mobilization for Scaling up Innovations

Speaker : Ms. Meenakshi Batra, CEO, CAF India


Time : 1020 to 1030

Title : Policy Support to facilitate grassroots innovations

Speaker : Ms. Anu John, GEF Consultant to the MoEF&CC


Time : 1030 to 1040

Title : Strategies and Business Plan for scaling up

Speaker : Mr. Rajesh Shah, Director, VIKAS


Time : 1040 to 1050

Title : Gandhian thoughts on innovations

Speaker : Shri Tridip Suhrud, Director & Chief Editor Sabarmati Ashram Preservation and Memorial Trust, Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad


Time : 1050 to 1100

Title : Experiences from the Field

Speaker : SGP Project Film


Time : 1100 to 1110

Title : Chair's Remarks

Speaker : Mr. Ajit Patnaik, IFS, Member, National Steering Committee, SGP India and PCCF and Project Director, Odisha Forestry Sector Dev. Project and ICZMP, Odisha

Closing Plenary

Conclusions and THE WAY FORWARD

CHAIR: Prof. Anil Gupta, Vice Chair, National Innovations Foundation

Time : 1430 to 1435 hrs

Title : Opening Remarks by Chair

Speaker : Prof. Anil Gupta, Vice Chair, National Innovations Foundation

Time : 1435 to 1445 hrs

Title : Cofinancing and supporting Innovations for mainstreaming

Speaker : Mr. Jaideep Srivastava, General Manager, Farm Sector Policy Department and Climate Change NABARD

Time : 1445 to 1455 hrs

Title : Innovations and Policy linkages

Speaker : Shri Sunil Agarwal, Scientist, SEED Division, DST, Ministry of Science and Technology, GoI


Time : 1455 to 1505 hrs

Vision and Directions for the next phase of GEF/UNDP SGP India Programme

Speaker : Dr. Preeti Soni, Head, Energy and Environment Unit, UNDP CO India


Time : 1505 to 1515 hrs

Title : SGP Experiences in Climate Change / Forests Projects from Sri Lanka

Speaker : Ms. Dinali Jayasinghe, NC In charge, SGP Sri Lanka


Time : 1515 to 1525 hrs

Title : Strategies for Mainstreaming: Recommendations from SGP India Meet

Speaker : Dr. Prithi Nambiar, Senior Programme Director, Communication for Sustainable Development, CEE 


Time : 1525 to 1535 hrs

Title : Remarks by Chair

Speaker : Prof. Anil Gupta, Vice Chair, National Innovations Foundation


Closing Plenary: 1530 to 1625



Time : 1540 to 1550 hrs

Title : Sustainable Agricultural practices: The Chauka system

Speaker : Mr. Jagveer Singh, GVNML SGP Partner NGO


Time : 1550 to 1600 hrs

Title : Facilitating Sustainability Sharing of experiences

Speaker : Mr. Apoorva Oza, CEO AKRSP, member of National Steering Committee SGP India Programme


Time : 1600 to 1610 hrs

Title : The way forward

Speaker : Ms. Diana Salvemini, SGP Global Coordinator, Upgrading Country Programmes, UNDP


Time : 1610 to 1620 hrs

Title : About the 3 days and about CSO partnered implementation model GEF-UNDP SGP India experiences

Speaker : Mr. Kartikeya Sarabhai, Director, CEE


Time : 1620 to 1630 hrs

Title : Closing Address

Speaker : Shri Bhupendrasinhji Chudasama, Minister, Revenue and Education, Government of Gujarat


Time : 1635 hrs

Title : Vote of thanks

Speaker : SGP India Meet Secretariat