Samvaad: Dialogues for Sustainability

Concurrent Sessions

Experiences of piloting and scaling-up innovations

Sharing of experiences, innovations, findings and ideas in the SGP thematic areas such as Maintaining globally significant Biodiversity and the Ecosystem Goods and Services; Sustainable Land Management in production systems; Climate friendly and Low emission Technologies and Systems; International Waters; Sustainable Forest Management and Chemicals and Waste Resource Management


15 - 16 March 2017: Concurrent Thematic Sessions:

SGP Themes   Sub themes  
1 Biodiversity Conservation 1.1 Food Security
CEE Coordinator Rapporteurs Exteral Resource Person/s
Ramesh and Janki Janki Dr. V. Balasubramanyam Dr. Alka Parikh
  1.2 Sustainable Agriculture and livestock management
CEE Coordinator Rapporteurs Exteral Resource Person/s
Suman and Kiran Sumit Ms. Meena Bilgi and Dr. R. Rajeshwari
  Amruta  Mr. Vivek Dhar
  1.3 Conserving Forest Resources
CEE Coordinator Rapporteurs Exteral Resource Person/s
Simanta and Venugopal Himashree Mr. R K Sama  Ms. Juhi Pandey and
  Saymanti Mr. Vivek Dhar
2. Landscape and Seascape Management 2.1 Integrated Watershed Management
CEE Coordinator Rapporteurs Exteral Resource Person/s
Ravindra Wagh and Shriji Gaurang Mr. Dilip Surkar and          Aimal Khaurin Mr. Parth Shah and
  Jignasa Ms. Anu John
  2.2 Soil conservation: fodder and other spp.
CEE Coordinator Rapporteurs Exteral Resource Person/s
Abdhesh and Sujeet Sunil Yadav Mr. Prabhjot Sodhi Diana Salvemini
3. Combating Climate Change  3.1 Renewable Energy Technologies
CEE Coordinator Rapporteurs Exteral Resource Person/s
Ramjee Amit  Diana Salvemini Ms. Svati Bhogle
  3.2 Biogas and energy efficient cook stoves
CEE Coordinator Rapporteurs Exteral Resource Person/s
Anil and Rixa Vriti Ms. Karuna Singh Dr. Balasubramnyam 
4. POPs and Waste 4.1 Waste and Resource Management 
CEE Coordinator Rapporteurs Exteral Resource Person/s
JK Vyas and Sanskriti Kinjal Prof. Supritam Dutta Ms. Brinda Shah
  Viveka Prof. S. B. Thakore
  Vipul Patel    



16-17th March 2017

Capacity building workshop is planned with an objective to provide a platform to the Grassroots NGOs and Social Enterprises working with the communities. Experts will share their experience with the participants and question-answer session will enhance the interaction.

A concept note for workshop on “May I help you?”

  1. To provide support through various experts to participating organization on various aspects like;
    1. Statutory Compliance
    2. Technical Guidance
    3. Knowledge Management
    4. Business linkages
    5. Resource Mobilization
    6. Sustainable Business Model

Total six thematic workshops are per schedule given bellow.
A General workshop on “May I Help you?” – 16th Evening:

  1. A presentation / Interaction on ‘How an innovation reach to common man?”
  2. Small presentation on what will happen on 17th March 2017.
  3. With small post-its we will ask participant in which are they would like to join.

Asking suggestions for any more area if they want


Sr. No

17th March


Focus area

Expert and CEE Coordinator




9.30 am to 11.00 am

Business linkages

  1. Branding
  2. Marketing
  3. Export - import

Mr. Kunal Gala
Ms. Meghna Ajit

Seminar – 1

Ms. Yashshri, Ms. Khushbu Shah


Technical Guidance

  1. Energy
  2. Biodiversity
  3. Climate change


Dr. Soham Pandya
Dr. Pratik Shilpkar


Seminar - 3

Mr. Amit Shah,
Ms. Vriti Pandit


Knowledge Management

  1. IPR
  2. Patent
  3. Certification

Mr. Omkar Acharya
Mr. TK Balappan


Seminar - 5

Ms. Kavita


11.30 am to 01.00 pm

Statutory Compliance

  1. Registration
  2. Financial Audit
  3. Taxation
  4. FCRA
  5. Due Diligence


Mr. TK Balappan
Mr. Navin Panchal

Seminar – 1

Ms. Khushbu


Resource Mobilization

  1. Fund generation,
  2. Insurance
  3. Subsidies

Ms. Indu Capoor

Seminar - 3

Ms. Toral Joshi


Sustainable Business Model

a. Profitability and viability

Dr. Alka Parikh
Mr. Nishank shah

Seminar - 5

Ms. Janki Shah


In case of any queries please feel free to contact:
Mr. Parthesh Pandya on +91 9825412841
Mr. Mihir Rambhia on +91 9624788147