About the Meet


With the GEF‐UNDP Small Grants Programme completing 20 years of presence in India, the 3 day SGP India Meet aims to discuss and define strategies for mainstreaming, replicating and scaling‐up innovations, piloted and supported under SGP India. The Meet provides a forum for exchange of learnings and ideas among NGOs.

Dialogues for Sustainability

Samvaad, the concurrent sessions at the SGP Meet, are forums to share community‐led innovative projects; explore future perspectives; formulate mainstreaming strategies; discuss ways and means to derive
collective benefit; and strengthen linkages of local innovations with the private sector, government bodies, academic institutions, innovations incubators, certifying agencies and finance providing institutions. Samvaad will witness about 120 SGP NGO partners present their work and projects.

Green Haat
A Bazaar where every Product tells a Story!

Green Haat is the market place for a range of over 150 innovative green products manufactured by local communities—men and women—from across India. The Haat enlivens the vision of sustainable development—it exemplifies intricate links between community‐based conservation initiatives, sustainable livelihoods, poverty alleviation, women empowerment and capacity building of local communities. Every product in the Haat has a story woven behind it and every artisan portrays the passion, patience and mission to innovate for sustainability! You too can contribute to this Innovative Green Mission—by buying these products, you would enhance your Handprint—Action towards Sustainability!

Technologies Fair
Showcasing Innovative Solutions

Designed as a meeting place for local communities, innovations incubators, neo‐engineers, neo‐architects, innovators and investors, the Fair would engage various stakeholders to explore newer business opportunities and collaborative ventures to provide technological solutions to environmental problems.

Discussions & Talks
Plenaries to Create and Refine Vision

The plenary discussions, with participation from NGOs, government officials, GEF‐UNDP officials, Industries, social scientists, conservation practitioners as well as barefoot consultants, would set the tone for defining the vision of mainstreaming pilot innovations.


Dignitaries and Participants

  • Community Practitioners, Professionals from NGOs and CSOs
  • Innovations Incubators and Accelerators
  • Government Representatives, Policy Makers
  • Representatives from Business Sectors
  • Development and Sustainability Practitioners
  • Subject Experts and Researchers