Working Group Sessions


Thirty Working Group Sessions with different major themes were held during the conference. Recommendations were made by each of the groups through discussions during their respective sessions.

Given below are the list of Working Group Sessions along with the Concept Note, Past Recommendations, Core Team, Draft Recommendations of the Working Group Sessions and the Working Group Report.



Reorienting Formal Education towards ESD (Strategies, Pedagogy and Assessment)

2 Teacher Education: A crucial contribution to the UNDESD

Supporting Sustainable Development through Open and Distance Learning, including Technology Mediated Open and Distance Education (TechMODE)


Higher Education for Sustainable Development

5 Regional Centres of Expertise for Education for Sustainable Development (RCEs)
6 Non Formal Spaces of Learning

Youth: Trend setters of ESD

8 Health Concerns

Art, Design and Ecology - The Role of Artists and Designers in Creative Environmental Education for Sustainable Development


Workshop on Education for Disaster risk Reduction (EDRR)


Education towards sustainability concerns of Natural Resources in Fragile Ecosystems


Efficient use of energy & Alternative systems – addressing climate concerns through focused information support and capacity building


Education for Innovation and Technology


Mobilising Knowledge for Sustainable Development (MKSD)


Integrating Values of Sustainability into education : The promise of the Earth Charter


Linking Knowledge, Skills and Practices for Fostering Community Leadership, Education and Benefits – GEF UNDP Small Grants Program

17 Meeting Challenges of Knowledge Management in Water and Sanitation
18 Education for Sustainable Livelihoods

Education / Sustainable Development in Cities


Sustainable Waste Management


Responsible Corporate Citizenship: Key to a Sustainable Future

22 Media & ESD workshop - " Building Public Awareness and Understanding of Sustainability"

Roadmap for Creating a Research Foundation to Support the DESD


Monitoring and Evaluating Progress during the UN DESD


Biosphere Reserves and World Heritage Sites: Learning Laboratories for Sustainable Development


Making Zoo Education Sustainable – with special focus on Fund Raising, PR and Marketing


Education for Sustainable Consumption through the DESD


Government Session - Sharing experiences and promoting collaboration

29 UNEP’s Global Environment Report Volume 4 (GEO 4) 2007: Promoting Environmental Research and Learning for Sustainable Development
30 Role of Livestock in Sustainable Development – A South-South Consultation



Cross-cutting themes

There will be certain crosscutting themes that will be addressed throughout the conference. These will be discussed in the plenary sessions and in various working group sessions. These will include the themes on Climate Change, Water as well as Food and Sustainable Lifestyles. These will identify what has been done on specific thematic areas in different parts of the world. It will source background papers for consideration of the working session coordinators in such a way that discussions include reasons why the issue is an area of concern for that particular thematic area, how they can be integrated into ESD efforts within the area

Special Session


HIV-AIDS : Building Environments for Responsible Living



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