Hindustan Times I 19 Oct 2021

The call for a National Pedestrians' Day by SUM Net and Pune Pedestrians' Day 
by : Sanskriti Menon

[email protected] Walking is the most basic means of transport and a fundamental element of the human condition. Countless generations of our ancestors have walked the earth. A walk – the Dandi March – is part of India’s freedom struggle. Walking enables study, livelihoods

Hindustan Times I 12 Oct 2021

Building climate action into every new construction design 
by : Sanskriti Menon

The number of warmer days and nights is going up. Due to climate change, heatwaves and other extreme weather events are longer, more frequent, and more intense in India. In highly built-up urban areas, heat and light also reflect off and radiate from buildings and roads, creating heat islands. In addition, buildings in India are the second-largest consumer of electricity. By 2030, buildings will likely become the largest consumer of electricity.

Hindustan Times I 28 Sep 2021

Why our city's biodiversity strategy is no walk in the park 
by : Sanskriti Menon

Citizens’ protests against the conversion of forests and grasslands on the hilltops and hill slopes such as Taljai or Baner into ornamental gardens and amphitheatres and channelising and concretising of streams are not just romantic fantasies or anti-development stances. They have a sound basis that considers the benefits of biodiversity for our well-being in the city.