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CEE has been working in the state of Goa since 2001. The state office at Goa is an effort to initiate long-term Environmental Education programmes and activities that are responsible to local needs, intensive in focus and extensive in reach.

Besides extending core programmes of the Centre to Goa, CEE Goa is developing a variety of new projects and initiatives in the region. Specific content areas include programmes related to school’s developing locale-specific material, interpretation, capacity building and networking.

Some of major projects undertaken by the regional office include:
Education and Awareness Programme for Students, Teachers and General Public on Climate Change’
CEE Goa with support from the Department of Science, Technology and Environment (DST&E), Government of Goa has initiated this project for the period of two years with the aim to create awareness about the Climate Change among students, teachers and general public in Goa. The project activities include:
  • Constitution of an expert committee on Climate Change comprising of Scientists, teachers and researchers to help develop educational materials and implementation of the programme in the state of Goa.
  • Development of educational materials climate Change and organizing yearlong education and awareness activities for students in schools and colleges, for Municipal and Panchayats representatives and for the Women’s Self help group members and general public with the help of educational material developed.
  • Writing regular articles on Climate Change in daily newspapers and organizing a panel discussion on Impact of Climate Change on Goa with the experts, Scientists and policy makers
  • Organising a two day Climate Mela on ‘Climate Change”. This mela will showcase the project/effort/initiative taken by Central Government, State Government, NGO’s Educational Research Institutions in mitigating Climate Change impacts in Goa. The main objective of Mela is to bring all stakeholders, beneficiaries, user agencies under one umbrella to consider and propose a future plan of action to address this global issue at local level. Ancillary events such as street play, film screening, radio/FM programmes, TV interviews and panel discussion will be simultaneously organized
Developing Touch Screen Facility for Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park in Goa
The pristine semi evergreen to evergreen forests type adorn the region of Bhagwan Mahaveer National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. Of late this place has become the most preferred destiny among nature lovers for exploring its rich forest and the variety of wild animals. To create awareness and to give more information about the forests and wildlife through the touch screen facility, CEE Goa with the support from the Wildlife and Eco-Tourism division of the Goa Forest Department is developing the same and will install at the Nature Information Centre in Mollem, Goa. It is envisaged that the facility would help especially student community and the general community at large.
Education for Children
Experiencing Nature
  • AzrenkarWadi
  • CEE Goa State Office is developing a Nature Education facilitation Centre at AzrenkarWadi, Mollem, Goa. AzrenkarWadi is a farm with pristine and undisturbed forest ecosystem adjoining to the Bhagwan Mahavir National Park, Mollem.
EE through Interpretation
Every year, Goa Forest Department and CEE Goa State Office set up a temporary Information Centre for six months (November to May) on Marine Turtles on Morjim beach. Morjim in North Goa is one of the three major nesting sites for the Olive Ridley. Posters developed under School programme, brochures, manual and other material related to Sea Turtle are displayed in the centre. Every year more that 1000 tourists, students and teacher visit the centre. The Centre is being managed by the local volunteers appointed by the Goa Forest Department.
Biodiversity Conservation

Mr. Sujeetkumar M. Dongre
Dy. Programme Coordinator,
Email: sujeet.dongre@ceeindia.org

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