Latest at DéCee: Summer Programme for Children

Safe Holi Campaign 2009

The CEE’s Information and Facilitation Centre (IFC) was inaugurated on 24 January 2008 during the CEE Annual meet. This facility is located at CEE’s old Press area, below Edutech. It will serve as an interface with people of Ahmedabad and to visitors at CEE and its sister organisations, providing an opportunity to orient them to environment and sustainable development. This is in response to a long-felt need for such an interactive space that brings together the diverse nature of opportunities and activities in the area of environment and sustainable development, especially on action by individuals, communities and organisations. 

While the facility has been set up with an aim to offer the following:

Information Counter: Updates and happenings in the field of EE and ESD; activities of MoEF, CEE and its sister institutions, and interesting information relevant to the city will be available. A structured orientation programme will be offered to the visitors through various media such as a permanent exhibition, audio-visuals and ICT interface.

Membership: The Centre will offer membership to the citizens of Ahmedabad that will entitle them to participate in various activities, get invited to popular lectures, and events; and access to CEE’s facilities like the library.

Offering services like camping, nature trails in and off-campus, film shows and lectures: These would include camping and nature trail activities of Sundarvan, science education activities of VASCSC and activities by other groups within CEE and its sister institutions.

Eco-shop: Display and Sale of eco-friendly products, such as handicrafts, textiles, stationary, organic produce, those promote sustainable practices in production and consumption. The eco-shop will also offer publications on EE and ESD, developed by CEE and other organisations doing landmark work in this area. It will include environment education and science education material such as books, kits and other educational material.

DéCee and Prakriti conducted a campaign in Surat and Ahmedabad to propagate use of natural colours for Holi and create awareness about the harmful impacts of the synthetic colours sold in the market.

A month-long summer programme was organised by De’Cee for children between the age group of 10 to 13 years. The Programme structure allowed children to enroll for a week and also for the whole month. Each week’s activities were planned around a theme which was facilitated by CEE staff. The themes for the summer programme were Waste Management, Air around us, Amazing H20 and Biodiversity and Wildlife.

A valediction was organised for the participants of the summer programme. Along with the children their parents, resource persons of the programme and friends at CEE had joined the valediction. Smt. Mrinalini Sarabhai had graced the occasion by giving the certificates of participation to the children and sharing her experiences how CEE campus became green.



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