Sustainable Development Network Programme (SDNP) - ENVIS on Environmental Education and Awareness

Realizing the importance of Environmental Information, the Government of India, in December, 1982, established an Environmental Information System (ENVIS) as a plan programme, the focal point of which is located at the Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF). The focus of ENVIS since inception has been on providing environmental information to decision makers, policy planners, scientists and engineers, research workers, etc. all over the country. As ENVIS covers several thematic areas in environment and associated fields, it has been assigned a responsibility to strengthen its network for sustainable development on several thematic areas under the Indo-Canadian Environment Fund (ICEF) Small Grant Programme. ENVIS in collaboration with ICEF has launched the Sustainable Development Networking Programme (SDNP) to make relevant information on sustainable development readily accessible to one and all. In order to assist its network to attain sustainability, ENVIS has identified 20 thematic areas in which the ENVIS network partners have to be strengthened to meet the objective.

Objective of SDNP:

Enhancement of availability of relevant information on thematic areas, by strengthening ENVIS through Sustainable Development Network Partner. 

Centre for Environment Education (CEE) has been an ENVIS Centre on Environmental Education since 1992 and is also identified as one of the SDNP-ENVIS Partners on the thematic area Environmental Education and Awareness. The following information is available on CEE’s SDNP-ENVIS web link



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