Strengthening Environment Education in School System (StrEESS):

Since 2005, CEE is working with State Departments of Education (SDEs) across India towards Strengthening Environment Education in School System. This initiative began after the Supreme Court Directive which came in 2003. Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Government of India offered all the States for technical and financial help in strengthening EE in the curriculum. 

CEE, with two decades of experience of the MoEF project Environmental Education in School System (EESS), was invited as a consultant to streamline and support implementation of the directive. MoEF initiated project, Strengthening Environment Education in School System (StrEESS), is a national project in collaboration with State Departments of Education (SDEs).

CEE facilitated the development of proposals by various State Departments of Education focusing on the action plan for various activities such as developing / facilitating implementation of the EE curriculum, orientation of text book writers, development of text books, development of teaching-learning materials, teachers training etc.

CEE continued the facilitation and implementation activities in the States and developed web enabled EE database as a resource base. The project was implemented in all 28 States of the country through CEE’s regional, State and project offices. CEE is continuously working with States to help SDEs. CEE representatives from its various offices are part of textbook writing committees, textbook writers’ orientation, textbook writing, training of master trainers etc.


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